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free open source

Free and Open-Source

DiY-CMS is free to use, and it is an open-source project. In other words you do not have to pay anything to use it and you can view its source code in case you want to tailor it to your specific website needs. All we ask in return is that you spread the word!


Content Management

Content management system is all about management. DiY-CMS makes contents management and publishing easy. You can add, edit or delete any contents you like with ease. Create as many categories as you want and format the contents as you wish.

diycms extensibility


DiY-CMS is a modular system. You can build modules that serve your particular needs without any hassle and customise them to be aligned with your website purpose. Set the module settings and set the permissions to allow or prevent access to different mdoule parts through the Admin control panel; after all you are the administrator of your website.

diycms groups permissions

Groups permission

DiY-CMS provides a very efficint groups permissions system. Decide who gets to be the moderator, who can post in a certain module or who can visit and view your webiste. It is all your choice.

Diycms Style

Look and feel

DiY-CMS provides you with a great control over the website look and feel. Creating and using themes is very easy. Using html and css you can create elegant themes. Adding settings to your themes is easy too in case you want to transfer to a friend or even sell it.

Plugin system

Plugin System

DiY-CMS is fitted with a plugin system that makes it easire to modifey the behavoir of DiY-CMS without editing the source code. End-users do not even have to look or edit any code, just set the plugin settings and you are ready to go.

diycms Extra

What else?

  • Easy to install on any server, takes less than five minutes
  • Ability to translate DiY-CMS into any language
  • Support LTR and RTL lanaugaes
  • Support UTF-8 unicode
  • Smart caching system to minimise database queries and speed up DiY-CMS
  • Ability to add php code to your themes for extra flexiblity
  • Superbly designed control panel to make administering your website clear and easy
  • Can be used to manage any kind of content: personal, family, newspapers, non-for-profit organisation, corporate or government websites.
  • Neccessary modules are built-in, such s: new, forum, poll, download, guestbook, contact us and more
  • Easy to use and to manage
  • .. And a lot more, try it for yourself