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Module Audio

  • lloydmcg
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  • Tuesday 11-05-2010
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Basic testing of module from user and guest

New install of core system
users and audio module installed
Standard settings as installed

Guest user posts audio file -> file is accepted under approval which is correct however no file is uploaded no data entered to database basically as if guest was never there

Admin user posts audio file -> file is accepted with no approval notice as expected page redirects to a bad url as shown "mod.php?mod=audio&modfile=viewpost&audio_id=" no data entered to database no file in uploads/audio.

the file not being uploaded could be caused by file size but at no point is this mentioned or a size given as a maximum.


  • admin
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  • Sunday 28-03-2010

I am not sure that I am getting the same error. I tested the module and it seems to be working fine. There is though a bug in the upload function. If you, for instance, remove a file and then upload another there might be some inconsistence with the id of the file uploaded to the upload folder and the id of the file details in the database.

Did you have similar issues?

I will try to work on the upload bug, please reprot any errors you might find in the module.

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