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Learning the structure of DiY-CMS folders and file - Part 2 - Do It Yourself CMS

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Learning the structure of DiY-CMS folders and file - Part 2

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In last post I explained the task that each file in the root directory handles. In this post, I will keep on explaining the rest of folders in the root directory.

Admin folder: This folder contains the folders and files that are responsible for the administration part of DiY-CMS. It contains four folders and a number of files.

admin_classes folder: contains files essential PHP classes to run the administration area.

admin_lang folder: contains the language file for the UI of the administration panel.

admin_sections folder: contains the folders responsible for the different administration sections (the menus to the left of the administration panel) , such as managing modules, themes .. etc.

admin_skin folder: contains the skin or themes for the administration panel.

conf.php: contains the values required for database connection, folders location, site administration contact details and some other values.

index.php: runs the main view of the DiY-CMS admin panel.

global.php: Global file for DiY-CMS panel area, it must be included in all files in the admin area.
sections.php: Manages sections view and management in the admin panel.

Blocks folder: This folder includes all the blocks (or menus) designed for DiY-CMS.

Html folder: Contains files required the included WYSIWYG editor in DiY-CMS.

Images folder: Includes images that used are used globally across DiY-CMS.

Includes folder: contains the necessary PHP classes to run DiY-CMS such as database connection, themes management, module control and other functionality. (I will explain the tasks that each files handle in a future tutorial).

Install folder: This folder is responsible for running the installation wizard when using DiY-CMS for the first time at your server. If installation is complete the folder name will be changed for security reasons.

Lang folder: Contains the languages files for DiY-CMS interface.

Modules folder: Contains modules folders.

Plugins folder: Contains DiY-CMS plug-ins folders and files.

Themes folder: Contains DiY-CMS themes.

Upload folder: This folder is used for file upload. It should be the only place for file upload. This will make data transfer or upgrade easier for the end-user.

Please let me know if there are any part of this tutorial needs to be further explained.

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