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Finally, a DiY-CMS / vBulletin bridge

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Friday 24-09-2010 01:04 pm | Readers: 17491 | Comments: 0

Finally, I was able to create a bridge between DiY-CMS and vBulletin forum. I designed the bridge in the form of a plug-in so it is easir for adminisitrators to control it. The plugin would unify registration and login in DiY-CMS and vBulletin forums.

The plguin will:
1- Unify registration. User would have to register once using the same registration form.
2- Unify login, through DiY-CMS only.
3- Unify logout, through DiY-CMS only.
4- Import users who registered through vBulletin forms.

1- Download plug-in from this link:

2- Extract the contents of the zip file and then upload the folder to the plugins folder in your website.

3- Open config.php inside the plug-in folder and edit this line:
define('FORUMPATH', 'D:/xampp/htdocs/vb/'); // path to your forum 

Change D:/xampp/htdocs/vb/ to the path of vBulltein forums on your website.

4- Install the plug-in through the admin panel. In the plug-in setup tick users module only. You can select other modules, however this will increase the database enquires number and the plug-in is programmed to be working only on the users module (since that is all it needs to function correctly)

5- In the plug-in settings you will see the following:

Select the new users group. Link DiY-CMS groups to the corresponding vBulltein forum groups.

Import users to DiY-CMS by clicking on the green button. You have to repeat the last step (the importing part) from time to time in order to import users who users who register through vBulltein.

Alternatively you can disable registration at the vbulletin and enable it only through DiY-CMS

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