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My first plug-in for firefox: Twitter Right-To-Left

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Thursday 24-02-2011

In the last couple of weeks I was busy reading about how to create a plug-in for Firefox. My intention was to create a plug-in that manipulates pages in a certain way to improve their look or add extra functionality. Then I came across Greasemonkey plug-in.

Greasemonkey plug-in allows you to write a JavaScript file and load it into the plug-in. The script file is specific to a certain website and adds modifications or improves the feel and look of that website.

So I started writing my plug-in for Firefox. Twitter is on the most popular social websites. Its users are from all over the world; however it provides limited user interface languages. The list provided does not include Arabic neither any Right-To-Left languages such Persian and Hebrew. My idea was to design the plug-in so I can modify the interface of twitter to shift the page direction from Left-To-Right to Right-To-Left and translates twitter page into Arabic.

Look at this example:

I finished the script but I did not like the idea of adding a file to the Greasemonkey plug-in since it is a hassle enough for the End-user to add a plug-in to the browser and set its configurations. Luckily I came across Greasemonkey compiler. The complier takes the "user script" (Greasemonkey term for the JS file) and converts it into a Firefox plug-in and Voila the plug-in is ready for Firefox.

You can download it through this link:

The plug-in is compatible with Firefox versions: 3.0 to 4 beta.

Note: I am interested in translations into Persian and Hebrew so if you are capable of that please contact me on:

You can follow me on twitter on this account:

And you can get the latest DiY-CMS news on:

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CK-Editor Plugin

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Thursday 22-07-2010

This plugin will add a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor or a visual html editor. It replaces the tinymce editor (the defualt editor for DiY-CMS) with the CKEditor with many options.

Here is the editor image in action with Standard type selected:

First to install the plugin you need to upload the folder to the plugins directory in DiY-CMS root folder. Then you can install it from the admin area by going to plugins sections and then click on the install icon.

Second you may modifey the plugin settings as you need.
You can modifey the skin, the toolbar type, the toolbar location and many more.

Here is the setting image:

You can download the plugin from this link:

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Friendly Links plugin

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Thursday 15-07-2010

I have programmed a new plguin for DiY-CMS. It basically converts most of the links in DiY-CMS from dynamic to static.

So links like this:

would be converted to his:

to download the plugin follow any of the links above :)

hopefully in the next blogs i will be talking about how to write a plugin for diy-cms using the hooks system

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