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Gallery module for diy-cms

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Thursday 01-07-2010

Couple of weeks I started planning to program three modules for DiY-CMS which I thought are necessary for the completion of the CMS. They are gallery, audio and video modules.

Here is the first one, the gallery module. To download it Click Here.

- Unlimited categories and subcategories.
- Multiple images upload at the same time.
- Three types of listing: Title & photo, Photo Only or Title only.
- Add Copyright text
- Customise copyright colour and position.
- and many more.

Here is the image of the image listing in a category with photo and title type:

and this is the screenshot for viewing a single photo:

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Admin area tutorials: user groups and smile

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Monday 03-05-2010

Today I have few updates that I would like to talk about which I have been working on them in the last month or so.

First, website design is completely changed. Thanks to subswiss owner the design is tableless (something that I wanted to do number of times but was not able to due to my little design experience).

Second, I have add two video tutorials to my youtube channel. The first one is about user groups management in the Admin Area of DiY-CMS, and the second explains the usage and the administration of smiles in DiY-CMS admin area.

Here are the tutorials:

Second part:

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Admin area tutoirals: Themes managemnt

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Wednesday 21-04-2010

I have added another tutorial in my youtube channel on how to manage themes in DiY-CMS (add, edit, delete, export and import themes).

The tutorials is divided into two parts since you tube does not allow for more than 10 minutes (sometimes 10.30 min) to be uploaded.

First part:

Second part:

I have recoded this video using 1600x1200 resolution which is HD, yet youtube for some reasons shows only 720 as the maximum resolution. In any case it is still High Definition.

Please post any feedback regards these tutorials to help me improve them.

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Finally, DiY-CMS v1.0 is out!

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 28-03-2010

Finally, the diycms v1.0 is out. I spend around 8-9 months to finish this cms. Firstly it started as a fork of Arab Portl but as I started modifying the code I thought a new cms has to be born. So I started writing the code for diycms last year around July and not it is done (hopefully).

I have included many features in this cms; group permissions, modules creation and management, themes management, menus management, and many more.

I have many plans and addition for the cms in mind such friendly URLs, audio module, calendar, gallery, file manager, language manager for both the cms and its modules through the admin area, integration with free forum software such as phpbb and smf, log user activities and many more.

I will be adding a series of video lessons on how to use this cms. Hopefully, they will come out soon.

I hope you like the cms, you can download by clicking on Downlod CMS link on top of this page, or ask any question you like in the support forums.

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