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Arabic version of DiY-CMS

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Friday 02-04-2010

I have relased a version of DiY-CMS which is optimised for Arabic users. All the modules, control panel as well as the installation wizard have been translated into Arabic.

If you would like to add any translation please tanslate any part of the CMS to your language and send it to me on Also you hit the fourms to ask any questions you like whether about the translation or anything else.

I also would like to add more "date types" to the cms. Currently, DiY-CMS has two kinds of date types "Gerogrian date" which is western normal calendar that is used accrose many countires in the world, almose everywhere in the world. Also, the cms has a Hijri date which is a lunar calendar and is used primarily in the Muslim world. There are couple of date types that I want to add but I need people who use that calendar to confirm its accuracy.

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