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Search Module 1.0

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Wednesday 02-06-2010 03:55 pm

Searching contents is a vital part of any website since it saves a lot of time for the visitor and for the owner of the website. I think one of the most important things that the DiY-CMS was lacking since its launch was the search part. Therefore, I programmed this search module with many options in order to make the search process very effective through any website that is using DiY-CMS.

Visitor can type any number of keywords and select whether he wants to find them all in one post or anyone of the keywords in a post. Visitor can also select where to search, in News, Forums, Downloads sections or in all of them together with the option of searching in the title or the post.

The visitor can also order the search results in Descending or Ascending order. He can also sort the results by date, number of comments, number of readers or the author of the post.

The visitor can also refine the search by choosing the time scope of the search and how many rows to display in each search results page.

Here is a screen shot for the search module index page:

And you can download it through the download area in this website.

Additionally, most of the themes that I will convert in the future will contain a search box that will not function correctly unless this module is installed in your website. (You still can remove the search box from the theme if you do not want to provide search functionality in your website).

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Two new colors for the default DiY-CMS aqua theme

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 16-05-2010 08:20 am

as promised, here are two color variants of the default Aqua theme that is installed by default with the CMS. The colors are red and green. I hope you like them.

I also will post another theme called notepad chaos.

Here are the photos:
Red Theme

Green Theme

To download the themes:
Red Theme
Green Theme

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New DiY-CMS documentation and admin area tutorials

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Friday 16-04-2010 02:57 pm

I have two updates in this post.
First, I have added a doucumentation for DiY-CMS 1.0 using phpDocumenter. It prases comments within files and in order to gnerate documentation.
I have commented most of the files, classes and functions of the DiY-CMS execpt for the modules part which hopefully I will be commenting in the future and then upload it to the documentation.

Docuemntation can be found at:

I divided DiY-CMS into four packages:
Global: includes the main classes in the cms.
Modules: includes all the files in the modules folder.
Admin: Includes all main classes in the admin folder.
Admin Sections: Includes all files under the admin section folder in the admin area.

The style of comment will be used as the standard style of commenting files, classes or functions. For any one who is intrested to delvope additions to cms use this style.
At the page level and for classes, use this style:

* Short description of the file.
* Long desciption: you have to leave an empty line before and after this description.
* @package Name of the pacakge
* @subpackage Name of Subpackage
* @author Authour name
* @copyright Copyright notice
* @version Version Number

To comment a function you might use this style:
* Short description of the file.
* Long desciption: you have to leave an empty line before and after this description.
* @param parameter type Description of parameter. You can add as many as lines as much parameters you have in the function

* @return return type Type of the returned values

You can use other tags recognised by phpDocumenter, but I have included the minimum.

Second update is that uploaded three tutorials explaining settings and module parts of the admin area:
1- Configuring general settings in admin area

2- Modules managment, part 1

3- Modules managment, part 2

All the videos are recodered using HD.

I hope these updated will help anyone who uses DiY-CMS to make them navigate easily throught the cms. If you have any comments about the tutorials or doucmentation please do not hestiate to tell me.

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First Tutorial: installing DiY-CMS v1.0

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Wednesday 07-04-2010 06:49 am

I have recently add a video on youtube explaining how to install diy-cms on a local server. Of course, same procedure can be followed when installing the cms on your website.

I tried to upload the video in high-definition quality, but for some reasons the program that I am using shrank the video a bit. It is in a very good quality, but it is not the one I hoped for.

Anyway, here is the video:

Here is the link to the video in case you were not able to view it on this blog.

Click Here

Please leave any comments you like to develop the style of tutorials, so I can improve my way of presenting tutorials.

I hope it is useful!!

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Arabic version of DiY-CMS

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Friday 02-04-2010 03:07 am

I have relased a version of DiY-CMS which is optimised for Arabic users. All the modules, control panel as well as the installation wizard have been translated into Arabic.

If you would like to add any translation please tanslate any part of the CMS to your language and send it to me on Also you hit the fourms to ask any questions you like whether about the translation or anything else.

I also would like to add more "date types" to the cms. Currently, DiY-CMS has two kinds of date types "Gerogrian date" which is western normal calendar that is used accrose many countires in the world, almose everywhere in the world. Also, the cms has a Hijri date which is a lunar calendar and is used primarily in the Muslim world. There are couple of date types that I want to add but I need people who use that calendar to confirm its accuracy.

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Finally, DiY-CMS v1.0 is out!

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 28-03-2010 11:47 pm

Finally, the diycms v1.0 is out. I spend around 8-9 months to finish this cms. Firstly it started as a fork of Arab Portl but as I started modifying the code I thought a new cms has to be born. So I started writing the code for diycms last year around July and not it is done (hopefully).

I have included many features in this cms; group permissions, modules creation and management, themes management, menus management, and many more.

I have many plans and addition for the cms in mind such friendly URLs, audio module, calendar, gallery, file manager, language manager for both the cms and its modules through the admin area, integration with free forum software such as phpbb and smf, log user activities and many more.

I will be adding a series of video lessons on how to use this cms. Hopefully, they will come out soon.

I hope you like the cms, you can download by clicking on Downlod CMS link on top of this page, or ask any question you like in the support forums.

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