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Early Morning theme for DiY-CMS

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 13-06-2010

Here is another converted theme for DiY-CMS. It is light, tabless and can be easily modified or changed.

Here is the theme photo:

and here is the download link:

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Twitter theme for DiY-CMS

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 13-06-2010

Here is another theme the I have converted to DiY-CMS. This theme resemlbes the famous social network website Twitter. It is suitable for website with perosnal content or blogs. The theme is tabless and can be modified easily.

Here is the theme photo:

and here is the link for the download:

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Blootoon theme for diy-cms

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 13-06-2010

Here is a new theme for DiY-CMS. I have converted to DiY-CMS due to its nice colors and light desgin. It can be modified easliy throught the style sheet.

here is the theme screenshot:

and here is the link to download the theme:

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Search Module 1.0

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Wednesday 02-06-2010

Searching contents is a vital part of any website since it saves a lot of time for the visitor and for the owner of the website. I think one of the most important things that the DiY-CMS was lacking since its launch was the search part. Therefore, I programmed this search module with many options in order to make the search process very effective through any website that is using DiY-CMS.

Visitor can type any number of keywords and select whether he wants to find them all in one post or anyone of the keywords in a post. Visitor can also select where to search, in News, Forums, Downloads sections or in all of them together with the option of searching in the title or the post.

The visitor can also order the search results in Descending or Ascending order. He can also sort the results by date, number of comments, number of readers or the author of the post.

The visitor can also refine the search by choosing the time scope of the search and how many rows to display in each search results page.

Here is a screen shot for the search module index page:

And you can download it through the download area in this website.

Additionally, most of the themes that I will convert in the future will contain a search box that will not function correctly unless this module is installed in your website. (You still can remove the search box from the theme if you do not want to provide search functionality in your website).

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Happeniss theme for DiY-CMS

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Monday 31-05-2010

This is a new theme for DiY-CMS. It is a very nice and light theme. In order for it to work correctly you have to update the templates.class file through the update section in your admin area. The theme includes new feature that was not originally integrated into the CMS, thus the file update.

Here is an image of the homepage of the theme:

As you can see in the image to the right, a "rope" is coming from above the sky to hold the menus. The first menu that connects to the rope has a special template, the final one has a special template and the middle menus have a special template as well. You have to select the right template for each menu in order for it to work correctly.

For any assistance with the theme please post your question here or (preferably) at the support forums.

To download the theme:
Click Here

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Notepad Chaos theme for DiY-CMS

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 16-05-2010

As promised in the last blog, here is the popular notepad chaos theme. I have made many modification on it to make it work on DiY-CMS. It is very neat and nice theme and the main layout is tabeless. I hope you like it.

Theme's screenshot:

To download the theme:
Click Here

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Two new colors for the default DiY-CMS aqua theme

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Sunday 16-05-2010

as promised, here are two color variants of the default Aqua theme that is installed by default with the CMS. The colors are red and green. I hope you like them.

I also will post another theme called notepad chaos.

Here are the photos:
Red Theme

Green Theme

To download the themes:
Red Theme
Green Theme

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New blue theme for DiY-CMS

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Friday 14-05-2010

and welcome agian.
I have added a new blue theme to DiY-CMS. The theme was originally designed by Rowafad for another CMS. I have modify and made some minor changes to it. Hopefully I will be adding other colors of this theme.

Theme photo:

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Admin area tutorials: user groups and smile

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Monday 03-05-2010

Today I have few updates that I would like to talk about which I have been working on them in the last month or so.

First, website design is completely changed. Thanks to subswiss owner the design is tableless (something that I wanted to do number of times but was not able to due to my little design experience).

Second, I have add two video tutorials to my youtube channel. The first one is about user groups management in the Admin Area of DiY-CMS, and the second explains the usage and the administration of smiles in DiY-CMS admin area.

Here are the tutorials:

Second part:

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Admin area tutoirals: Themes managemnt

  By: admin   tags Date Added: Wednesday 21-04-2010

I have added another tutorial in my youtube channel on how to manage themes in DiY-CMS (add, edit, delete, export and import themes).

The tutorials is divided into two parts since you tube does not allow for more than 10 minutes (sometimes 10.30 min) to be uploaded.

First part:

Second part:

I have recoded this video using 1600x1200 resolution which is HD, yet youtube for some reasons shows only 720 as the maximum resolution. In any case it is still High Definition.

Please post any feedback regards these tutorials to help me improve them.

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